Hey Beauties,

I recently got the Lorac Pro Palette, i was excited mostly because of the hype it got on youtube. I thought i would love it and use it everyday! I ordered my on which cost me $42.00, that it in itself makes me reconsidered. I love makeup but i love makeup even more when I find it at a great price. I have to say this is probably the ONLY palette I have payed full price for, because I thought it was worth it and it is trust me except it’s not chalky which is great but you get a lot of fall out of the product. A little does go a long way when using this product, which is great because it makes it last just a little longer. On a positive note I love this palette I feel I can I achieve a look with it in many different ways. This palette is very versatile which makes it even greater and its sleek packaging makes it very travel friendly. It is aldo great for beginning makeup artist because you can pay one price and get 16 shadows, I think that is a great deal! I hope you guys enjoyed my review and found it helpful, please comment and follow me ! Bye Violets ❤




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