Love the skin you are in…

True true true.


No matter the brand or  technique your makeup will always look better if you take care of your skin. Bad skin translates into “caked on” makeup.  Working in this industry i have the opportunity to try out so many different brands and products and i would like to share some of the ones that i am currently using and i swear by them

This is skin care product rotation...a lot? but is worthy. This is skin care product rotation…a lot? but is worth it.

2013-03-28 09.01.25 Origins GinZing & Fresh Black Tea eye creams

2013-03-28 09.01.48 Fresh Soy Face cleanser & Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening and Refining Buff Cleanser

2013-03-28 09.02.05 Peter Thomas Roth Vitaminc C Brightening Serum and my own personal blend of beauty oils

2013-03-28 09.02.18 Amarte Skin care Wonder cream, Aqua cream & Toner

Eye creams: The Ginzing eye cream is perfect for immediate de-puffing, brightening and making you look more awake.  The caffeine in it refreshens the under eye area. This eye cream…

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