My Top 10 YouTube “Beauty Gurus” 😍📺

So many amazing youtube beauty gurus!!


I have been wanting to do this post and finally It’s here.

I was not a YouTube fan until one day, I just started browsing YouTube out of curiosity and bumped into a makeup tutorial video. I was entertained at that very moment so I decided to keep watching. I didn’t even know what’s the “Subscribe” button is for until I hit it..(sad right?lol) and since then I’m hooked.

Well, we should get started… and as always, I will try to keep this post short and concise as I’m sure most of you know these people and if not, I will include the links for you to check them out.

So, this girl is the very first “YouTuber” that I followed ever! I found her videos very simple and full of heart. Her name is Ingrid Nilsen and used to be known as “MIssGlamorazzi” I love how she demonstrate all her…

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