Chanel Les Beiges Summer 2015…………Healthy Glow All Summer Long!

Mirifique Beauty

Hi Everyone,

Another up and coming release i’m actually getting excited about is the Chanel Les Beiges. Oh la la!


I love Les Beiges healthy glow powder. It is an understated phenomenon, yes i used the P word that i cannot even say. That’s how good this super finely milled pressed powder is. No obvious shimmer or glitter and yet; your skin just awakens when it is applied.  It blurs fine lines, gives a beautiful flawless complexion without resorting to a ton of silicone. An elixir of youth and vitality, there i said it!

Usually, when a product is a great success, all the other’s follow and in this case, they have. Guerlain and Lancôme have just released their healthy glow powders and i’m pretty sure there are more on their way.

I want the new Les Beiges powder in number 25 and one of those cheeky little glow sticks…

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