Chanel Skin Care: Mousse Douceur & Lotion Douceur Review

 Hi Beauty Queens & Kings,

In my March Favorites I had mentioned that I would do an individual blog post on the Chanel Skin Care line. I am so excited to be doing this for you guys, because a lot of the fuss in the beauty community is that we are always wanting to dab our brushes in some high end makeup. We all want to feel fabulous and gorgeous using it. But beauty is much more than just eyeshadows and blushes. It’s skin deep, and I have been recently using and have been loving the Chanel face wash and toner. It has been working miracles, My skin recently has broken out because of another product, but none the less my face wash (Mousse Douceur)  is helping my skin to bring back it’s balance.

 The Toner has become the most amazing thing I have bought from Chanel. Most toners I have used usually leave my skin kind of dry, but with the Chanel Lotion it actually leaves my skin hydrated and supple. I appreciate that because it helps me apply one less product to my routine. Most of the Chanel Skin Care helps you use less products and help you show more skin. I will now forever love these products. I would definitely check it out if you have combination skin. The pink labels are for combination / mixed skin. The green labels are for oily, the blue is for dry skin. Knowing your skin type helps The Chanel Beautes find the right skin care line for you.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post, I will see you guys in my next one

XOXO Violetblu ❤

 Mousse Douceur Face wash | Chanel $46.00

Lotion Douceur Toner | Chanel $46.00

* I was not paid, or sent these products. I paid full price for both products with no discounts. Yes I am a Chanel Rep as a Makeup Artist. I get no discounts*


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