What Type of Skin Are You?


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Knowing your skin type is really important when it come to makeup application. It helps the artist know exactly what products they should use, where and how. Also knowing and understanding your skin is beneficial when it come to skin care products, you can really find specific products for your beauty concerns. Here is a list of the many skin types and maybe this will help you recognize your skin type. 🙂



  • NORMAL: A good balance of oils and moisture, firm tone, smooth and unblemished with a healthy glow.
  • DRY: Lacking in oil and moisture, usually both. Flaky, drawn and tight, very small pores. Fine line and wrinkles can be noticeable.
  • MATURE: As skin ages, oil production decreases as well as collagen production. lack of skincare can make the skin appear more aged and dull. The decrease in collagen as well as elasticity causes the skin to become loose, fine lines become more noticeable. It is common to see someone with mature skin to have hyper pigmentation.
  • ( sun spots or age spots)
  • SENSITIVE: Fine textured, delicate skin with small capillaries are evident with sensitive skin. It can be dry or oily. Sensitive skin is usually more prone to temperature changes and easily become reddened.
  • OILY: Sebum is an oily substance that is secreated by the sebaceous glands. It’s main purpose is to make the skin and hair more waterproof and to prevent them from drying out. When there is an overproduction of sebum, it gives the skin a shiny appearance. You can also notice oily skin if there is noticeable large pores.
  • COMBINATION/MIXED: Most combination skin types are dry in the cheek and oily in the T-Zone.
  • T-ZONE: Forehead, nose, chin.

I Hope you guys found this helpful & I will see you in my next blog post ❤

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