My Current Youtuber Favourites

Really amazing and inspirational! Definitely go check them out, and if YOU have any YouTubers that you think other people should check out, share them, they definitely do appreciate every single bit of support!!😊💜

jade amber's blog

Hi everyone! Today’s post is about my current favourite Youtubers as I’ve discovered many new ones recently so I thought I would share them with you. You can read my last Youtuber favourites post here.

My Pale Skin Blog

Em’s Youtube channel is definitely one of my favourites at the moment. Her acne coverage make up tutorials are incredible and she always looks stunning, especially her eye make up (I’m really bad at applying eyeshadow but her videos make me want to practise so maybe it will look good on me one day). I also love Em’s videos as they contain products which work for people with really pale skin whereas a lot of other youtubers aren’t as pale as me so I find it difficult to find the products they use in the correct shade for myself. Em is a really lovely person who I have spoken to…

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