Back To Basics: How to Groom your eyebrows

Hello Beauties & Beasts,

This post is going to be all things brows. Eyebrows are one of the most important features on the face. It serves as the upper framework for the eyes. Like Michelle Phan always says “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. So dont get frustrated or upset if your eyebrows don’t look symmetrical. Getting to know your eyebrow shape is important when it comes to grooming and cleaning up. Check the Diagram Below to find your brow shape.


Knowing your face shape plays a big part as well in knowing and finding your brow shape. knowing your face shape also helps with Hairstyling and finding a haircut that suits your face. Check the diagram below to find your face shape.


When analyzing your brows, it is important to have a mirror in front of you. Ask yourself these questions, is the arch flat or to arched? Does the tail drop to make the eyes look droopy “puppy dog eyes”? Are the eyebrows at the same height? Are there any gaps or strays?

There are three Points to an eyebrow. The origin of the brow (inner most corner) is parallel to the bridge of your nose. The arch (top center of the brow) needs to be lined up with your iris. The outer edge or “tail” of the brow is diagonally across your nostril. Look at the diagram below for visuals.


Finding the perfect tweezers is like finding the perfect heels, it takes a lot of trying out and practice. Tweezerman is the Louboutins of all things eyebrows, they are amazing! There is also eyebrow razors to help shape your brows. (Beware one mistake and your eyebrow is ruined!) I personally like using slanted tweezers, it gives me more control when it comes to cleaning up my brows. But trial and error is a great part when first starting out in tweezing and maintaining your brow game strong!

I hope you lovelies enjoyed and found this blogpost helpful. For any questions or concerns feel free to comment below and I will get back to you! I will see you in my next blog post!



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