Colourpop Super Shock Shadows & Lippie Stix Review/Swatch

Heyyo! I’m so excited to be writing this post for you lovelies, I recently got my Colourpop shadows and lippie stix in the mail & I wanted to do a review for all of you. Before this I have never purchased from them, I heard so many good things so I was excited to actually buy some products. They carry everything from shadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters & lipsticks/liquid lipsticks etc.  Their pricing is unbeatable (drugstore prices)!

Super Shock Shadows $5.00

Lippie Stixs $5.00

Lippie Pencil $5.00

Ultra Matte Lippie $6.00

Highlighters $8.00

Blush $8.00

Bronzer $8.00

They also have collab products with beauty youtubers that carry limited edition shadows. Like Shaaanxo, KathleenLights etc.

These are the shadows I decided to get are:

Shameless: Black drizzled with multiple shades of green and subtle hints of blue and gold glitter leaving a metallic finish.



Bae: Ay Bay Bay, this rich eggplant purple with an emerald, and turquoise, glittery duo chrome metallic finish is legit better than anything else.



3: Cool-toned starlit bronze with a flash of silvery and multi-coloured glitter – because sometimes gold and silver are just too mainstream.



Acorn: Light cool-toned beige with subtle flashes of silver and gold in a Pearlized finish – you’re going to want to store this shade for safe keeping.



Girl Crush: Though probably not your first and likely not your last, you will definitely be crushing over this mid-tone true gray with a Matte Finish



RIGHT!!!! OMG! These  eyeshadows are amazing!!!!

I got 2 lippie stixs. I hope to get more!

The First is Feminist a Super Black Purple Matte lipstick that is gorgeous!


Lumiere is the lipstick Kathleenlights created with colourpop. I really have been wanting this lipstick ever since it came out. It is a muted pink that is very neutral in tone so it suits every skin tone.


These are Colourpop Products I chose, If you guys have any other shadows or lippie stix that you think I should try leve your favorites in the comments, I’m really looking for more great shades from them but there are so many I dont know where to start! lol


check out the video ( I swatch the lippi stix here)


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