Kevyn Aucoin: The Contouring Book Vol II

Hey Beautiful People,

   I recently have been playing around with so much new makeup and One of those products happens to be the Kevyn Aucoin The Contouring book Vol II. This product is worth about $65 USD, and in my honest opinion it’s worth the price because you get so much in one palette. And if you’re the type to want the best bang for your buck (I sure do) this palette is one price for the value of multiple products. The KA contouring book is great for someone who is very minimal with their makeup. It is very versatile, it contains your contouring, highlight, brows & neutral eyeshadows for a very effortless everyday look, a chic work look, or even a dramatic bold eye.

To get on with the review, the packaging is a faux red leather covering with Kevyn Aucoin in Gold foil and it opens as a book and inside it there are instructional guides. It explains in full detail what each products does, how to use it and why. Flipping “the page” you get a standard mirror that which resembles the size of a man’s wallet. Which is great for someone who is starting out in makeup and for travel. On the back of the palette you get pro tips on how to use the highlight cream & powder.


Furthermore, This palette contains 4 powder eyeshadows, 1 powder contour, 1 powder highlight, 1 cream contour & 1 cream highlight. The eyeshadows, contour & highlight swatched so beautifully and the colors are very harmonious. The powders are so blendable, smooth and vivid in pigment, when using them start with very little and intensify as desired. The creams are silky, subtle in pigmentation but buildable, you can use the creams as a base for the powders to have a more defined and chisel look.  The only inconvenience regarding this palette which hinders it from being perfect is it’s lack of a blush. Nonetheless it’s a palette I would recommend to friends because it is an all around palette great for daily use, travel & for beginners.

Time to swatch!


To conclude, The Kevyn Aucoin The contouring Book Vol II is a great buy if you’re looking for something all in one, travel friendly or to begin your makeup journey. I sure don’t regret getting my hands on this palette. I hope you lovely ladies & Gents enjoyed my review and let me know your feedback or any other products you would like me to review.

Peace & Love ❤


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