Arabian Inspired Blue Smokey Eye!

Hello My Beautiful Peeps From the Middle East! I’m so excited to finally bring you this makeup look and tutorial, this video has been long overdue. This arabian inspired eye is something I have been wanting to do for so long. It is also the first time I ever use the tape method in a […]

Back To Basics: How to Groom your eyebrows

Hello Beauties & Beasts, This post is going to be all things brows. Eyebrows are one of the most important features on the face. It serves as the upper framework for the eyes. Like Michelle Phan always says “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. So dont get frustrated or upset if your eyebrows don’t look symmetrical. […]

Super Simple Summer Bronzey Makeup Look | Violetblu26

Hello Beautiful Souls, So yesterday, I uploaded the video tutorial that I promised on a really simple summer bronzey look that I came up with. Although the eye look is simple, it’s still really fun, versatile and simply beautiful. It can be worn out on any day, and for any occasion. The best part is, […]

My Current Youtuber Favourites

Really amazing and inspirational! Definitely go check them out, and if YOU have any YouTubers that you think other people should check out, share them, they definitely do appreciate every single bit of support!!😊💜

Video Tutorial | Back to Basics: How to Apply Individual Lashes!

Hello beautiful souls <3, Today during work I met a fellow employee of mine who is inexperienced at applying false lashes. She was interested in learning how, and so she approached me with some questions. I told her everything I know about false eyelashes from my experience as a professional makeup artist. So I promised […]